The CLPNPEI Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is a formal system assessing the ongoing knowledge, skills and judgment of all members. LPNs meet the requirements for CCP by declaring on their annual renewal form that they have and will continue to develop, implement and reflectively evaluate a learning plan over the upcoming year. Every year, the College randomly selects a number of LPNs in a CCP audit process. If selected for the CCP audit LPNs are required to submit a copy of their learning plan from the previous year. During the week of August 8, 2022 the LPNs who have been randomly selected will be notified via email. Please check your email account or log into the CLPNPEI member portal to view the “My Emails” section which keeps a record of all emails sent to LPNs through the member portal. LPNs who have been selected for the audit are given thirty (30) days to submit their documents as this is a retrospective audit (LPNs have indicated their documents have been completed on their renewal forms) For more information related to the Continuing Competence Program please click here