The CLPNPEI launched its online jurisprudence learning module and examination in January 2022. The jurisprudence examination assesses an applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the laws, regulation, standards of practice and code of ethics that govern Licensed Practical Nurses in Prince Edward Island.

Completion of the online jurisprudence examination is a mandatory registration requirement for

  • New practical nurse graduates applying for registration
  • Internationally educated Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses registered in another Canadian jurisdiction who want to practice in Prince Edward Island
  • Licensed Practical Nurses who were once registered in Prince Edward Island but have not been registered in Prince Edward Island in the past three years.

The jurisprudence exam is not a registration requirement for LPN’s who are renewing their annual registration. However, interested LPNs may access the jurisprudence learning module and exam as an identified learning goal. Completion of the learning module and exam is recognized as satisfying a learning goal for the annual CLPNPEI Continuing Competence Program.

For more information please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.